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  • 086-15732806888


    PHONE: 086-15732806888
    TEL: 086-318-6136999
    FAX: 086-318-5315968
    WEBSITE: www.hbtljx.cn
    ADD: High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hengshui City, Hebei Province



    COPYRIGHT ? 2018 Tenglong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.(TLVALVE)

    Tenglong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.(TLVALVE), Is located at Gucheng Technology Industry Park, which is a part of the Hengshui Lake International Marathon Zone. The company with 35000 ㎡ land area and 23000 ㎡ gross area. TLVALVE has strong technical force, abundant test device and over 100 suits of advanced equipment. With high quality and flexible operation, TEM is dedicated to producing valves and other accessories for watering car, tanker, garbage truck, fecal suction truck and high pressure cleaning truck.TLVALVE focuses on products constantly desires for high quality, trying to b leading and creative role in the valves industry and petroleum equipment. TEM always wants people with knowledge, skills and experience. We struggle for future with high quality and creativity, expanding our sales around the whole country. We are receiving popular recognition among our customers.We spare no efforts to improve our R&D, offering valuable products and service to all our customers. Hope to strengthen our relationship with all partners domestic and abroad. Your support will be our motivation!